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A US Patent No. 7,001,660 B2,  "Images in Solid Surfaces," was granted to Gilbert Garitano on 2-21-06.
Note: There are additional patents pending.

The present invention relates to systems and methods for forming high quality images in solid surfaces, while retaining the desired properties of the solid surfaces.

The solid surface material category of particle filled resins (i.e. filled polymeric materials) was created with the invention of CORIAN  by DuPont in the late 1960's.  Since the introduction of CORIAN, similar filled polymeric materials have been introduced, such as Acrystone®, Aritech, Avonite Surfaces™, CERATA®, DuPont™ Corian®, E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Co., Avonite®, Avonite, Inc ,Etura™, Formstone™, Fountainhead by Nevamar®, Formica®, Meganite®, Pionite® Decorative SurfacesWilsonart® Gibraltar® , kerrockUSA®, Staron® Solid Surfaces by Samsung, Surell®, Swanstone™, and Trillium Solid Surface Creations, Ltd. and others not mentioned here.  Marketed as a superior alternative to laminate products for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, filled polymeric materials quickly became known for many advantages, such as solidity, hardness, durability, renewability, and fire resistance.  In addition, the non-porous nature of filled polymeric materials makes them easy to clean, and particularly resistant to bacteria, stains and chemicals.  Unfortunately, these same qualities are responsible for two chief drawbacks of filled polymeric material: high cost and resistance to impregnation by colorants.  But in the more than 30 years since their marketplace debut, the pallet of available colors and styles for solid surface materials has yet to significantly expand.
What was needed are systems and methods for adding vivid color and detailed images to filled polymeric materials.  The present proprietary invention  provides these systems and methods for forming picture quality images in solid surfaces. 

With this new method of impregnating images much like a tattoo, any digital image, can be placed into the solid surface material using this United States protected patent.  This will allow customers to use personalized artwork, family crests, images or even replicate stone, marble, wood or any other pattern into the solid surface material.  

Artistic Collectables will produce limited edition series of reproductions featuring  his own artwork, as well as well as the works of the Great Artists who now have their images in the Public Domain. 

Look for solid surface to become the new canvas for contempary and historical artwork. 

This new invention is known as  "Images in Solid Surface".  You can contact Artistic Collectables via e-mail , regarding any questions about size, price, terms and availability or view the website at www.  

Artist/Photographer and Inventor with over 40 years experience in the fine and creative arts, and like many artist in history, he is always looking for a new and better way to embellish our world with beautiful art.