New technologies have ignited the Awards & Recognition market.  Plaques and trophies were once the main stay,  now with the advent of this new technology a new world has opened up to the suppliers and creators of  Awards. 

On Feb. 21, 2006 a Patent was granted and issued for this new technology, invented by Gilbert Garitano.    Images in solid surface will allow members of the ARA as well as other associations working in the business, to really advance the capabilities and growth of  their businesses.  This new technology will help the sales of awards and recognition to reach new heights. 

This invention will have a lasting impact in your industry.   Our technology will allow us to embed photographic images such as team photos, logos, soccer, baseball, football, race cars, animals, horses etc. into the solid surface material.   Artistic Collectables can image your custom plaques as needed with verbiage and color photos.  

Your design can be sent to us via e-mail as a hi-res jpeg.  The rest is done by Artistic Collectables.  We can make standard size plaques with routed edges or custom plaques mounted in Solid Oak or Cherry frames.