About Images in Solid Surface Subline

Gil Garitano is an Artist/Photographer and Inventor with over 40 years experience in the fine arts.   

He has been granted a United States Patent for his invention creating "Images in Corian and Solid Surfaces" issued on Feb. 21, 2006. This U.S. Patent protects this invention by granting him the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling throughout the United States of America or importing the invention into the United States of America for the term of this Patent US 7,001,660B2.

Artistic Collectables will be working closely with other artists, companies, architects, designers and professionals desiring to use this new invention.  His invention and this technology has opened up a new world to the Corian and solid surface industry.  Artistic Collectables can now sublimate into Corian and other solid surface materials, embedding images much like a tattoo into Corian and solid surface materials.

Artistic Collectables will produce a limited edition series of reproductions as a tribute to the Great Artists who now have their masterpieces in the Public Domain.  He will also have a limited edition of his own fine artwork reproduced in solid surface materials as well as prints on archival paper and giclee reproductions on stretched canvas.

Works of Art, signs, logos, family crests, period designs, personal awards, memorial plaques etc, can all be put into custom made tiles to be used as framed stand alone pieces of artwork, or large murals as well as back splashes, shower surrounds, door panels, table tops, floor tiles etc.

                                                  Services and Products

Artistic Collectables is dedicated to producing the best Fine Art reproductions, Giclee prints, custom frames, limited editions, sports art, portraits, landscapes, wild life art, photography, Old Masters reproductions, embedding them into Solid Surface Tiles, Solid Surface Murals and faux finishes etc.

Artistic Collectables has designed and manufactures its own custom moldings for framing tiles, and reproduced artwork (matted prints or giclee stretched canvas ).   

The solid surface material known as Corian®,  was created by DuPont™ in the late 1960's, since the expiration of the DuPont™ patent many new manufactures began to make solid surface materials. As with DuPont™ Corian®, they advertised the unique quality of solid surface materials such as solidity, hardness, durability, renewability and fire resistance, in addition to the non-porous nature of filled polymeric materials making them easy to clean particularly resistant to bacteria, stains, and chemicals. Unfortunately, these same qualities are responsible for two chief drawbacks of filled polymeric material: high cost and resistance to impregnation by colorants. But in the more than 30 years since their marketplace debut, the pallet of colors and styles for solid surface materials has yet to significantly expand. What was needed are systems and methods for adding vivid color and detailed images to filled polymeric materials. The present invention  provides these systems and methods for forming picture quality images in solid surfaces. 
Now images into Solid Surface Materials has opened up a new vista for other Artists as well.  Many companies, architects, designers and professionals have discovered, the use of solid surface materials is limited only by the imagination.  The ability to thermoform and polish after the process will ad dimension and beauty to any project.  For example, a companies logo, custom signs in restaurants, hotels, casinos, hospitals, game boards etc. can now be designed and made with solid surface material.

By working directly with Artistic Collectables  you can also enter the 21st Century offering new and advanced projects using images into solid surface materials.  Look for new uses with the translucency of Corian® and other materials to be explored further using this Patent. "Images in Solid Surfaces" will be used to create beautiful, atmospheric lighting and lamps, the back lighting will add atmosphere to any room. 

If you are interested, Artistic Collectables will consider collaborating with distributors and fabricators of solid surface materials.  Together with Artistic Collectables you can design, fabricate and have an image embedded into the solid surface material.